Wednesday, May 24, 2017

End of School Activities

 Field Day & Slip N Slide!!  It got rained out while we were on vacation, and luckily was rescheduled so we could make it (and Drew was in school)! :) 

 Free Dress Day! 

And Bike day for PreK!  Drew & I went up to the school and watched Bryn & her friends ride their bikes!  She even talked me into staying for recess! 

 And then I went to chapel that Thursday! 
 Last Day of School Awards Ceremony - 
Hollyn was awarded the Eagle Leadership award, and I cried!!  Ms. Kaufman said some really nice things about her! We were so proud! She also got straight A's on her report card for the entire year, got a gold metal for getting past her goal for AR points, got 3rd place in mileage club miles, and got the ipad/computer award from her specials teacher.  Awesome kid!!!

We celebrated by having lunch at Table Mesa, throwing coins in the fountain, and getting ice cream!

 Then did some birthday party planning!