Sunday, April 9, 2017

Happy 35th Chris!

Chris turned 35 on Sunday!  It was a perfect day to celebrate him.  The final day of the Masters golf tournament was on tv all afternoon!  I made a big breakfast, then had everyone get dressed so we could take a few pictures before he opened his gifts! 

I got individual pictures of him and each kid.

Drew went down for his nap, then we continued with the gift opening! 
I set up a "birthday party" table, luckily using leftovers from Drew's golf party!   The girls insisted on dancing after gifts! :)  They were thrilled to be having daddy's birthday party.
 After Drew woke up, we went to Target & Taziki's for lunch, then back home to start watching the Masters.

Chris asked for a new tv in the living room for his birthday, so we went and bought it a couple weeks ago, and actually hung it ourselves! 
  The girls were so proud! :)  60 to a 75".  We are all loving it!

My parents came over Monday night.  The girls loved that granny gave them a double piggyback ride!