Tuesday, October 31, 2017


It's been forever since I've posted! It's been a crazy few months!  

Let's start with Halloween!   We decided to be Super Heroes!  Drew was Spiderman, Bryn was Supergirl, and Hollyn was WonderWoman!  We went to the Halloween carnival at Pinnacle on Sunday.  

 Then came back to the house (oh yeah.... we bought a new house three weeks ago - will fill in more later) and took a few pics of the kids in the yard!

Chris's parents came in from Florida on Halloween!   They also had superhero shirts to match the kids! 

We were super man & super woman!  

Our new neighbors were super creative with their Halloween decorations!

 It started sprinkling, so we hurried up and hit a few houses!
 Bryn's best friend, Britten is our neighbor!

 We were back at the house around 6:30, and put Drew to bed.
We let the kids have one piece of candy before bed.  Bryn had skittles.   Chris & I had an early flight the next morning for Las Vegas/Sema Show.  Of course, Bryn came into our room at 12:30am throwing up. :(   Still not sure if it was because of the skittles or what caused it.  I considered staying home, but decided to go anyways! 

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