Monday, April 17, 2017


Easter Week

Thursday, the girls had their Easter Chapel/Performance.  They both did incredible! We were so proud of them!  Bryn surprised us and did every move and knew every word to all 5 songs! 

 They got celebration books that will be donated to their school library from Jeff & Vicki.

Chris got to with us to Drew's swim lessons right after!  And got in the water with him!

So tired!  swimming is exhausting! 
We had lunch at a new restaurant by our house (I can't think of the name of it), then went shopping at Walker Brothers.
Drew's egg hunt was at 3:00, so we picked the girls up from school a few minutes early.  He was so excited to be there, and pulled up a chair to the table because he thought he was going to get to eat! haha

 He knew exactly what to do, without ever practicing!  He was only allowed to get 5 eggs though, which he wasn't happy about!

Chris started opening our pool, so I took the kids to the driveway to "ride rides." 

 Drew was obsessed with his gator that he got off his birthday.  He didn't want to get off it.

 The neighbors invited us over to jump on their gymnastics mat!
 Hollyn decided she wanted her training wheels off her bike, so we worked with her on that...  (didn't get the hang of it until Friday night).

Friday, the girls were out of school for Good Friday.  
Drew still had school, so we got to have a girl/mommy day! 

Lunch at Houlihan's, Shopping at Claire's...

And we went to the movies & saw The Boss Baby!

 Sarah & Evelyn met us there after school!
We loved it!  We call Drew Boss Baby - and he looks just like him!!

 Then back home for more bike riding practice!
 She got the hang of it!  We were so proud of her!!!

Bryn & I saw a bunny run across the yard. She thought it might have been the Easter Bunny.  We went back by the garage, and the next thing we saw was a new bike helmet right where we last saw the bunny!  It was magical!  So she got to take her training wheels off and try too, once she put her helmet on... (not successful yet).
 Drew's new favorite thing is walking up the slide!!!
 And standing in the window :)  Chris completely emptied our pool, and pressure washed it.  It is currently filling up with fresh water!!!

 Saturday, we went to Pinnacle's Easter carnival and egg hunt!
 Drew loved the petting zoo.

Drew got the golden egg for the 0-3 age group and got a gardening set.