Wednesday, June 29, 2016

July 20-26

Monday, July 20th:
Bryn's been begging to spoon feed Drew.  He has definitely gotten the hang of it after eating solids for a couple weeks, so I let her try and she was so thrilled!
Cousin Remington stopped by on Monday! He had a blast playing the squirrel game with Bryn!
Bryn has major problems going to sleep at night.  Asks a million questions why we need sleep.  What we do after they go to bed, etc. So, I pulled up a video on sleep for them to watch on my computer.  She was asleep in the floor within minutes of watching it! LOL

Then I put her on the couch.  She slept for over 3 hours!

Chris was in Tulsa playing in a golf tournament and didn't get home until late.  I still made a nice meal for me and the girls!  Mahi Mahi, steamed veggies, and sweet potatoes!

I used the leftover sweet potatoes and made Drew some baby food!  He got a couple tastes and LOVED it!

 Tuesday: I made the best crockpot meal using this recipe.

Then steamed some green beans separately for Drew's baby food.
 Wednesday: Took Drew to MDO.  The girls to Chickfila for a little breakfast, since we had some time to kill before I started picking up donations for the Color of Hope Gala silent auction.
Then lunch at Marketplace.

 Thursday:  Katie spent the day with us!!

 We got a call at 4:00 to show our house at 6:00!  I was making the appointment on my phone, and was texting Chris on my iMessage app on my macbook to come home & start cleaning!!!  Ahhh!

We ate at Newk's while the house was being shown!

Friday:  Chris took off work all day.  Legacy National Bank gave us tickets for all 3 days in the Morgan Stanley Viewing Deck.  We went out there around 11, and stayed until 4, since the kids were being so good!

And took turns taking the girls to the Kids' area!

Grandpa Jeff was there too!
The girls loved getting balls, gloves, and towels from the golfers!

 Friday Night: Tif's birthday dinner at Mermaids


Little Shopping Trip to Dillards