Monday, June 13, 2016

Destin Family Vacation 2016

June 4th -June 11th: We rented this house "At Last" in Destiny by the Sea gate subdivision on Miramar beach with the Rowdens. We were a short walk to our private beach.  

Saturday, June 4th:  Woke up at 3:45am, packed the car, then left the house at 5:00.  Met the Rowdens at Kum n Go in Lowell at 5:10 and off we were! I sat in the back bucket seat beside Drew and continually pumped and fed him bottles (every 2 hours).  Changed his diapers at stops!  He did so great! Bryn has no concept of time yet and asked every 10 minutes when we would be there! 

Lots of texting and map sharing between Sarah & I.  We tried to stay together and make the same stops, but Josh drives a lot faster!   I forgot my driver's license at home, so Chris did all the driving.
The last 2 hours were the roughest on the kids!

 Walking in our rental at 7:24PM.  We were all so happy to finally be there!
Sunday Morning:  House lost power around 5am because of the storm.   We checked out the beach, then all went to Panera for coffee and breakfast!

 Around 10:30am, we were in our suits & on the beach!  The water was green with lots of seaweed, and the waves were huge because of hurricane Colin. We had to keep a good eye on the kids!

We went to Alvin's and bought chairs & an umbrella instead of renting the ones there.  

 Chris's mom and step dad drove up from Tampa to see us for a couple days.  They got to our house around 3:00 on Sunday!  We visited with them, then went to dinner at Boshamps that night! 

 Raw Oysters before dinner!

 My favorite meal of the trip! "The Original Snapper Destin"

Pecan pie dessert! Mmm!

Monday Morning:
Since it was raining, we went and did some shopping at the outlet mall (Saks).  Then lunch at Pompano Joes.

Then back to the house to go to the beach...

Chris's parents watched the kids for us that night so we could go to dinner! (Havyn went with us, but slept in her carrier the entire time and didn't make a peep!)  We went to Brotula's and sat on the patio!
Champagne toast before dinner:

 Such a beautiful view!
 I got the grouper (fish of the day) and loved my meal.
Chris & Sarah weren't so lucky with cold food.
 That night, we had some trouble out of the security guard!  He rang the doorbell at 9:30 to tell Chris's parents that they had to move their car out of the street.  We knew it had to gone by 10, so we were home in time.  At 10:30, he rang it again to tell Josh that their car needed to be pulled back in the driveway, so it wasn't over the sidewalk.  We woke up to a huge green warning sticker on my car too! Ugh!


 Most days after the beach, they would all go to the pool to rinse off.  Drew & I would go back to the house and make sandwiches and have some alone time!

 That night we got shrimp from Sexton's and did a shrimp boil at home!
(Did what we could with the dishes/pots/pans/ingredients we had!)

Wednesday morning:

 Wednesday night, we all went to AJ's for dinner, then looked at the boats after!   (And dippin' dots for dessert)

Josh unfortunately got violently ill Wednesday night after we got home.  It continued all day Thursday.  We think from either the raw oysters or raw tuna he had at AJ's. :(

Thursday morning:  We drove to Autumn's beach house in Seaside to visit with them!
 Loved seeing their beautiful house and area!  All 7 kiddos on the swing!

Then we went to the Seaside Square and ate lunch ate the Great Southern Cafe! 
Then went to Duckie's!
We didn't go to the beach that afternoon (I took a nap with Drew, and Chris took the girls shopping). We went to the beach after dinner (easy Chickfila) and attempted a few pictures with the kids, then relaxed by the edge.

Friday: Our last full day. Spent the morning at the beach, then didn't go back after lunch.

Early dinner at the Back Porch
 Was a great restaurant and our food came out super fast!
Friday evening:

Crab catching! 

 Leaving the beach for the last time...

Bye pink house! 
Drew slept in his Dock.A.Tot in his pack n play in our room.  He was the best napper and sleeper during our trip! 

Saw our Chandler aluminum tread plate toolbox on a truck on the way home! 

Got home around 9:30PM Saturday night.