Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hollyn's last days of school

Friday, May 13th - Field Day! 

Monday, May 23rd - Slip N Slide Day 
The kids got to wear spirit shirts & athletic shorts (with bathing suit under).  

My last day home with just Bryn & Drew, so we went for a walk around the neighborhood, since it was the last day that they'd fit in our double stroller! 
 Bryn, Drew & I went to the field to watch the kids slip n slide down the hill around 1:00.  It was starting to sprinkle, but we had an umbrella in the car.  Bryn loved getting to hold it! 

It was hilarious seeing the kids go down the soapy slide  with or without inner tubes!   Bryn even went down once!

The girls were done going, and Drew was starting to get fussy and ready to eat, so Mrs. Jordan said we could go.  I changed the girls' clothes in the car, then we went back up to the school to get Hollyn's backpack (and schools supplies) from her class.   It was empty and ready for summer.   Bye Popcorn room :(

Bye Kindergarten.... :( 

Tuesday morning was her final day.  She was suppose to wear her chapel shirt and kahki bottom...  Pictures on the porch before school that morning:

We dropped her off like normal, then got seats in the chapel. 

She got the character trait award for Loyalty.
She won the Art award from Mrs. Bowen!
Bye Mrs. Jordan! :(

Bryn took our picture!
Then a party at HighRise after..

Then lunch at Red Robin