Friday, May 20, 2016

Bryn's last days of school

Tuesday, May 17th, Bryn had her Tiny Tots Preschool graduation.  Chris dropped her off like normal at 8 (I had an appointment at the endodontist at 7:30 that morning), then we got there at 10:30 for the graduation in the (crowded) classroom.  She & Evelyn tend to act up when together and there's an audience (like at soccer).  So B didn't participate in any of the songs... :( 

 And wouldn't take pictures afterwards...
 at first...

 Sarah got flowers for both the girls
Her class was suppose to meet at the park for an after graduation playdate, but it got canceled since it rained all morning.    

Then she still had MDO on Wednesday and Friday.  
 May 20th

Bub & I went to the office, then did some shopping in Fayetteville.  

 Bryn had to say good-bye to Mrs. Shelley:( 

 And it was her last day in class with her bestie, Evelyn :(

So, Bryn's all done until she starts PreK at Shiloh in August!