Friday, March 11, 2016

Drew's Surgery

We had a consult with a surgeon from Arkansas Children's Hospital at their Lowell office on March 3rd.  He agreed that Drew had an inguinal hernia and that he needed surgery ASAP.   We scheduled Drew's surgery for Friday March 11th at ACH in Little Rock.   They called us the Tuesday before to confirm a time to check in.... 5:30am.   We booked a hotel in Little Rock so we could drive down after picking the girls up from school on Thursday.

 My dad came over and watched the girls until my mom could get here to stay the night.
 We got to our hotel Little Rock Marriott around 7pm.
 Just in time to watch Grey's Anatomy.   We had a great room overlooking the river.  Too bad we had to checkout at 4:45 before the sun came up!

We woke up at 3:15 to breastfeed D for the last time.  (4 hours before surgery)

We were the first case of the day (youngest).   We checked in, then were put in a room and given his yellow shirt & pants!  We tried to keep him calm while we waited......

Don't let them hurt me Mommy :(

 Daddy rocked him and kept him asleep so he wouldn't get hungry...

Then I held him at 7:15

 The nurse came to get him at 7:30. :(
 They said they were going to put a gas mask over his face, so he'd be out before they put monitors on him (ekg, pulse ox, and blood pressure).  Then put the iv in his hand, and breathing tube down his throat.   He was asleep, so one nurse carried him and the other rolled his bed.  I got a little emotional walking away from him to go wait in the waiting room.
Chris went downstairs to get us some coffee.  We waited, and sent text updates while he was in surgery.  The lady in charge in the waiting room came over to us and told us at 8:19 that they had just called for a recovery bed and he was out of surgery.
 Doctor Burford came out at 8:30 and told us everything went well!

Around 9:00, we got to go back to recovery.  He was still trying to wake up from anesthesia.

 He was stirring around 9:15, so the nurse showed us his incision, then I got to pick him up.   Then sat in the chair and fed him.  He was acting completely normal, just sleepy.

 The nurse gave him some tylenol, then he spit up, so we had to wait a little longer before going to a room.

 We were moved to a room for another hour or so....

 Then they re-checked his vitals and he was released from the doctor around 10:30.

We grabbed some Chickfila in town, then headed home!!!   Bryn went to work with Grandpa Jeff, since she was sick.  We picked her up first, went home, then were able to pick Hollyn up from school.

Drew was a happy boy once we got home!  We were told he may act like he was sick for the rest of the day, but didn't notice any change in him!  So happy he did well and is all fixed!