Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hollyn is 6

morning smiles from baby brother

 Hollyn's teacher sent me these pictures:

 Chris & I brought her lunch from Tropical Smoothie

6 weeks - ish

Feb 24th during tummy time! 

Drew got his first adjustment by Dr. Sarah at Morter Health Corner!

 Sweet surprises in our mailbox from our neighbor Helene!

We voted early!  Bryn said she would take a picture, but wouldn't smile!
Thursday Feb 25th
New tennis shoes... 6 weeks postpartum tomorrow & can start exercising! 

 My spaghetti dinner "bakers"

 Bedtime snuggles

 6 weeks on Friday, Feb 26th
I took the kids to school (by myself) for the first time since Drew was born. 

 Rolled from tummy to back on Feb 27th morning - 6 weeks 1 day
 Avery Garrison's birthday party at Fast Lanes! 
 My sweet babies Saturday afternoon!

The Rowdens came over for a playdate.

 Sunday at my parents - celebrating Tresa's birthday.