Thursday, February 18, 2016

Inguinal Hernia

On Thursday,  I was changing Drew's diaper around 12:30 and noticed a knot in his groin area.  I knew immediately that it didn't look or feel right.  I had Bryn bring me my phone to take a picture of it, then googled it and thought it might be a hernia.  I called Chris and then our pediatrician's office. We were able to get right in to see Dr. Averitt at 1:30.  I fed him, then we jumped in the car.

Dr. Averitt agreed and said it was an Inguinal Hernia.
"As a male fetus grows and matures during pregnancy, the testicles develop in the abdomen and then move down into the scrotum through an area called the inguinal canal. Shortly after the baby is born, the inguinal canal closes, preventing the testicles from moving back into the abdomen. If this area does not close off completely, a loop of intestine can move into the inguinal canal through the weakened area of the lower abdominal wall, causing a hernia."

He had a fluid pocket coming out, and you can hear it squish when you press on it.  She instructed us to massage it back in when we notice it out (like every diaper change).  And if it's hard and won't go back in, then that's when it turns into an emergency.  That could be a sign of his intestine or bowel sticking through his muscle.  

She referred us to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock for surgery.  We are now waiting for a phone call from them to schedule a time.  :(