Monday, January 18, 2016

Got Milk?

I started taking drops of Let There be Milk breastfeeding tincture the day drew was born.  I could tell that my milk was already coming in the day we went home.  Our first morning at home, Monday- Day 4, it was definitely in!  Took probably 4-7 days with the girls, so this was really surprising!  

See?!? Haha!
Bryn was starting to get sick, so we covered her up with a blanket to hold him. 

We think he looks like my dad in this picture!

Days 2-3

Day 2 - Saturday January 16, 2016
We tried to sleep, but there were so many nurses in and out of our room.  They came in around 11:00pm (Friday) and helped me get out of bed for the first time and sit in the chair for around 15 minutes.  They were able to take the leg compression things off my legs.

My hands hurt SO bad all night.  I begged for relief every time my nurse would come in to my room. They finally gave me a muscle relaxer.  I don't think it worked, but made me really tired. I remember sleeping sitting up, bent over my feet with my arms dangling beside the bed.

**TMI** I got my IV & catheter out around 5:30am.  Drew was sleeping with Chris on the "couch," so I got up by myself to go pee for the first time.  I had the BIGGEST blood clot come out of me.  I freaked out and had Chris call the nurse.   They said it was normal after what had happened the day before, and finally having gravity to get everything out. :(  I even took a picture of it. Still cannot believe how big it was.  -- When I asked Dr. Seale about it at discharge, she laughed and said "you should have seen what came out yesterday."  I guess the clots were bigger when I was hemorrhaging. :/
I tried to get some sleep that morning.   
They came to get Drew around 12 to be checked out by Dr. Lovell.  He came into our room around 1, and said Drew looked good and that he was going to do his circumcision.  They didn't bring him back until around 2:45 :( I was upset b/c he hadn't nursed in hours.  

3:01PM -It was awesome to finally be out of that bed, and be able to walk around the room with my baby in my arms!!
We gave Bryn's eye drops around 24 hours to kick in, and then Nora brought the girls to see us around 3:30!!! I was so happy to see them!  We took a few pictures...

My dinner was delivered, and devoured by the girls!  Chicken strips, french fries & green beans! 
 We were hungry a little later & Chris went & got us Tropical Smoothie!

 Drew ate around 10:30.   The nurse came and got D from 11-12 for his hearing test in the nursery.
(he passed!)

He slept beside Chris after he got back.  Around 3, I got him, and tried to feed him, because it had been a really long time.  Also tried around 4:30 to feed him, and he wouldn't wake up to eat.  We took these pictures... 

We woke up around 6 am. The baby nurse came to get him for his final evaluation in the nursery.  We got ready while he was gone.

Dr. Lovell came in our room right at 48 hours (9:17am) and discharged him!  We just had to wait on Dr. Seale to come in and discharge ME.

The baby nurse came in with his final paperwork, did foot/handprints in his baby book, and one last test... pricked his foot.

She gave him sugar water, and he passed out in his "crib."
We thought I'd be checked out any minute, so my parents came down to help us out.

We waited, and waited.  Finally found out Dr. Seale had back to back c-sections.  My mom went and grabbed us Wendy's since were starving!

We got him dressed in his going home outfit....
Then the photographer came by.

 It was almost 3:00 before I was discharged.   We were told to pull up the car and load up our stuff.  put Drew in his carseat, then carry him to the nursery to get his alarm taken off his belly button.  I thought that was dumb, since he'd have to be unbuckled to do that.   They also said it's hospital policy for me to ride in a wheelchair to my car.  I refused.

 The girls made us a Welcome Home sign & hung it on the stairs in the garage!

I was overwhelmed with happiness to have my sweet boy home with us!