Wednesday, January 13, 2016

39 weeks

The week before, I was having very consistent contractions.  Saturday (9th), I started having them later in the afternoon.  By 4:00, they were 7 minutes apart, then 3 minutes apart by 5:00.  They stayed 3 minutes apart, 1-1.5 minutes long for over 4 hours.  I called Willow Creek and they advised me to come in and would text Dr. Seale.   We packed our stuff, and had Marguerite come watch the girls around 9:00PM.  
They hooked me up to the monitor, and they stayed 3 minutes apart for almost 2 hours.  They didn't keep me though b/c I didn't dilate more in the time we were there.... and tried to give me pain pills (I declined) and said to come back if I continued to have them 3 minutes apart, which I was having walking out....  So frustrating.

Sunday morning, I helped host Laura Jade's baby shower! 
Chris's mom (Baba) flew in Sunday afternoon to help with the girls while we had Drew and while we got adjusted to being home!  

I had my 39 week appointment on Monday morning.  They hooked me back up to the monitor, I wasn't dilated anymore then either.  

Contractions got really close together that afternoon 1-2 minutes apart, but didn't want a false alarm again, so I ignored them..... and then took Bryn to dance. 

We tried out the new Pinnacle Bar & Grill (the old Roma Italian) that night!  So yummy! 

 Lots of last minute errands with Chris's mom, and picking the girls up from school. 
 Officially Listed Kyle & Tara's house! 
 Daily before school pic :)
 Chris got his new truck! 
 Got to meet Isabella Allen! 

 Wednesday night,  I was officially 39 weeks! We took a few pictures before going to Ruth's Chris for dinner with Kyle & Tara for our last nice meal without kids for a very long time!  

 Thursday - our last day before meeting baby Drew....

 Ironed all of his newborn clothes...   His going home outfit..
 I got the girls BIG SISTER shirts and books! 

 Ordered his plaque for the front door.

Before bed.