Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving Week (Sunday-Monday)

We told the kids on my birthday that we were taking them to Disney World  the week of Thanksgiving!  Bryn was thrilled that she got to miss 2 days of school! 

We flew from XNA to Sanford on Sunday morning (9:22am)! 
Kids did great on the flight!  Drew fell asleep as we were taking off, and stayed asleep over an hour.  Fed him snacks when he woke up & he was happy!

We rented a cute townhouse in Kissimmee for the first half of our trip, so we'd be close to the parks!

Nick & Nora met us Sunday night, and we went to downtown Disney (Disney Springs).

Got dessert at Sprinkles!  Had a yummy vegan red velvet cupcake!
Had to buy the girls heavy pullovers from Under Armour, since it was colder than we had planned for! 

Monday morning we took the kids to Sea World!  Was my first time to go!  
We saw the dolphins first...


Then We somehow joined in on a pink flamingo walk (parade:)

Sea Lions

Penguins... Was so cold in there!

Then rode some rides in the kids' area!

I rode this roller coaster with the girls the first time...  Was pretty intense, so I let them go again by themselves!
Then we got to see the Killer Whale Performance!

We had the best time!  It wasn't very crowded, no lines for anything!  We left around 2:00, and went and ate lunch before doing some shopping! 

Wednesday: Magic Kingdom...

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