Sunday, July 24, 2016

July weekend

Friday night, we had a babysitter (girls across the street) and went to the VIP Event at Ruth's Chris for the Color of Hope Gala, (kind of a celebration pre-event).  We had a nice night, enjoyed some yummy food and open bar!  Us trying the Blue Color of Hope Hopetini's...  

We had no set plans for the weekend.  I slept in after having a rough night with Drew.  Then got everyone ready to go run errands.  Drew was looking cute, so I wanted to take a couple pictures of him in his Burberry shirt and new shoes! 

 Bryn even asked if she could be in some with him...

 Then some with Mommy...

 And a self timer pic with the whole fam.
We only made it to Blakeman's and Warrens before the girls were starving......

Lunch at Houlihan's.  Drew sat in a highchair by himself for the first time.  (but not the entire time.... he decided to grab everything within reach, including putting his hand in my hot tomato bisque, and almost pulling down my water!)  We were a hot mess, but luckily it was pretty empty in there.

 Then we went to Dillard's, so I could look for a new pair of high heels for the Color of Hope Gala to go with my beautiful Rachel Zoe dress I'm renting from rent the runway!  We, of course, checked out the little girl shoes too.  Bryn said "Hey, my girls changed their clothes - take my picture."
 Drew fell asleep, and looked so adorable to me!

We went to Fresh Market next.  I didn't want to wake D by putting him in the car, so I pushed him (in the heat) down to FM.  
 Then some naked play time (out of sweaty, drooly clothes) after we got home!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Drew: 6 Months

Happy 1/2 Birthday to our sweet boy!!!  

  • He's 17 lbs 15oz (60th percentile)
  • 27.5 inches (87th percentile)
  • 17.5 inch head (84th percentile)
  • size 3 diapers
  • size 2-3 shoes
  • 3-6 or 6-9 month clothes  (6-12 are still a little big)
  • Sitting up by himself (with close supervision) 
  • Loves being on his tummy, and is getting up on his knees and is doing a little scooting to reach toys!  Might be crawling soon! 
  • Just started really rolling over from back to tummy!
  • Is moving from sitting to tummy by himself.
  • Has not slept through the night in a MONTH.  Up every 2-3 hours. :( 
  • Goes to bed at 7.
  • He's been saying Mama for a while now... and using it right!  But just this week started babbling other things, like Dada!! 
  • He loves Peek-a-boo right now! 
  • Loves Pat-a-Cake, and moves his hands like he is clapping.
  • Trying to get him on more of a schedule.  Just got out my Baby Wise, and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child books to re-read.   Trying to implement Eat, Play, Sleep every 3 hours... instead of him eating every 2 hours. 
  • Got a new swaddle - Love to Dream, where his hands can be up.  Also, putting him to sleep on his tummy.
The girls thought Drew needed presents for his half birthday, so I decided to get the walker that Aunt Megs got him for his baby shower out!  He loves it and the height goes low enough that he can touch and walk around!

We thought he needed a pair of shoes :)  Size 3.

Wednesday night, we got out the Diono Radian RXT carseat that we had bought for Drew & decided it was time to say good-bye to the carrier and install this into my car!  Rear-facing, of course.

He seems much happier now!