Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mommy FunDay #1

I decided last minute to sign Drew up for MDO one day a week this summer (7 days total for 6 hours).  I could have also signed Bryn up (and still may see if I can drop her in, if they have an opening), but Hollyn's too old to be in MDO and they like to stay together.  So with just Drew going, it gives me an opportunity to spend some time with just my big girls!  
Hollyn woke up before 6:15, was downstairs and dressed when Chris came in the living room on Wednesday. She was so anxious about Drew starting his first day of MDO.  

Chris went to Branson with our Insurance Agents to play golf that day, so he wasn't able to go to drop off with us.  We took a few pictures with our boy on his big day before Daddy left...

Drew all loaded up with his new PBK backpack and lunchbox! 

It was a busy morning, but I got everything finished perfectly, and right on time (cleaned up, packed... cleaning lady day)... or so I thought! 
We pulled in the parking lot and I realized I had forgotten the frozen breastmilk bags in the fridge!  We had to turn around and go back home to get them!   Drop off went really well.  No tears from this Momma!
 The girls wanted to go to Amazeum first.  We got there around 9:40.  I thought members could go in at 9, but figured out that's only on Mondays & Saturdays, so went back to the car to wait.  I needed to pump anyways, so it was perfect.

We played for an hour until the girls got hungry.  They decide on Red Onion for lunch!

Then wanted to go back home to swim!

 We had a great time swimming together!  The water was perfect, and I got to work on my tan!

Then we took showers & got back dressed, then did some Father's Day shopping, picked up Drew from MDO.  

Hollyn proclaimed that it was the best day of her life.

Then they both fell asleep in the car!!! :)

After the boys got home from golf, the wives got to join them for dinner!  We took the girls to my parents (My Aunt Dian and Uncle Colin were in town for 9 days, camping in their yard... they had picked up The Venesian Inn for dinner), then met everyone (Brad, Jann, Derek & Tiffany) at MJ's pizzeria at 6:45!   I hadn't seen Jann in forever.  We all bust out laughing when she walks in the restaurant wearing the exact same thing as me!!! We had a great time... and I might have drank an entire bottle of wine myself. :)

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