Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Day Weekend 2016

Friday night, I was trying to make these Paleo Fried Zucchini Recipe with Cool Dill Dip for an appetizer, and the electricity went off like 3 times.  I gave up on making anything else special for dinner and we made sandwiches!  Then went out back for a family swim party.  

Saturday 11-1, we went to Sarah & Josh's grand re-opening for their chiropractic clinic, NWA Health Solutions (Formerly Morter Health Corner). 

 Then did some Father's Day shopping at Academy for my dad.  Drew got to try out our Orbit Baby toddler seat stroller for the first time!

Later Saturday afternoon, we went to Holand Frever's birthday party at Roller City!  The girls had been anxious for her party for weeks!

The kids were sugared up from the party (4:30-6) so they needed some real food asap.  We stopped for dinner at the new IDK Cafe beside Pleasant Grove Walmart and were pleasantly surprised!  I loved their Napa Valley Salad! 

Then decided to go sit outside by the pool for our family time, instead of in front of the tv.  We got to hear Barrett Baber playing at the AMP! Took some pictures of the kids...

 Loving on Daddy!

Sunday morning was Father's Day! We had gifts for Chris!  Hollyn was super excited about surprising Chris with them!
 Bryn was less than excited.  Drew was asleep, but needed in the pic before Chris opened them.

We went to Target to grab a couple things that morning.  Drew had a dirty diaper and got a little fussy, so Chris took him out to change him while the girls & I checked out.  We thought we'd surprise him with a coffee from Starbucks!   Then we went and visited Chris's dad......   Then had lunch at Houlihan's.    Sweet sleeping baby during lunch.
 Then we went to my parents' house.    Uncle Jon pushing the girls on the tire swing!
The girls walked a chicken..... lol 

Then the night ended with the kids cheering on Dustin Johnson with Chris! 


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