Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Drew: 2 Months

March 15, 2016
Drew is 2 months today!
  • Weight: 13 lbs 4 oz (69th %)
  • Length: 24.25 inches (94th %)
  • Moved up to size 2 diapers this week (since he just started doing one HUGE dirty a day) Just got our first Honest Company monthly diaper bundle (with the cutest prints)! 
  • Smiles & Coos all the time!  
  • Sleeping 7 hours at night, often throughout the night - then back asleep so I can get ready. 
  • 3-6 month clothes
  • Eating every 2-3 hours during the day.  
  • Eye color... still TBD.  Blue, with Green/brown
  • Hair is starting to fall out.

It was a busy morning.  We noticed our house was mentioned in the NWA Business Journal.  We had already put the sign in the yard and were going to list it on the MLS sometime this week, but weren't sure when. Once we saw the article, we decided to go for it.  I worked on contracts, and getting it put on the MLS all morning.  I stopped by the office around 11:30, then when I realized it was Drew's 2 month birthday, I almost cried!  I had forgotten to do pictures, and wasn't sure if I would have time that day.  Drew's 2 month well check was at 1:30, so that meant I had to pick up Bryn early from school.  I needed lunch, and needed to make my Tuesday trip to Fresh Market for beef & chicken ($2.99/lb day) so we could have dinner! 

Some smiles while getting buckled up! 
I picked up Bryn early from school around 12:45, then got to our pediatrician's office early, so I could get Drew out and feed him before going in.  Chris met us there. 

Drew had his well check visit with Dr. A, then had shots.  He did great... no cry on the first, then cried for less than a minute after the 2nd two. 

By the time we got home... and washed his hair for pictures (it looks best freshly washed), he wasn't in the mood for pictures.  It took a lot of tries, but we got a few okay ones...

Bryn thought he needed pictures with her leopard baby too.  He wasn't having it.

 Then right after pictures, he had big smiles in his rocker!

That night, I went to the A-list party at 2 La Coste for a couple hours!