Sunday, January 17, 2016

Drew's Birth Day- Day 1

Friday, January 15th- Drew's Birthday!!!  
39 weeks, 2 days 
I got up around 4, (anxious/couldn't sleep/having contractions/carpal tunnel in my wrists hurting) did some finally packing, had the girls' clothes laid out.  Bryn was crying for me, so I went upstairs and got her, and went in Hollyn's room and gave her a kiss.  She said she wanted to continue to sleep, but came downstairs a few minutes later.  

Had Nora take one last picture of us before we left around 6:30am. 
A little before 7 am- going into Willow Creek Triage!  
I filled out some paperwork, got a wrist band, then went to triage room #3 to put my gown on!   Had Chris take a last belly picture of me!  Got hooked up to a contraction and baby heart beat monitor.  Was having some good contractions.  Nurse asked me a million questions.  

My parents got there around 7:45, and were able to sit with us.  Then Nora, Hollyn, & Bryn got to come in too!  I loved getting to see my girls that morning and get some last cuddles!  My sister even came in to see me a little while later.  

Right before 7:30 Dr. Jech (anesthesiologist) came in to talk to me, and said we were just waiting for Dr. Seale before getting started!   Told Chris to go ahead & put on his scrubs!  

Dr. Seale came in and then they wheeled me into the OR at 8:47am.  I got moved to the very narrow operating table, then straddled the bed, so Dr. Jech could put in my spinal.  Then I layed on my back, which was so uncomfortable. They put up the blue screen in front of me, and started scrubbing my tummy (had to wait 3 minutes for it to dry).  Then put in my catheter.  I remember feeling really sick all of a sudden and told them I was nauseated.  Dr. J said my blood pressure had dropped really low & she had already given me medicine to help it.   They said Dr. Seale was out there scrubbing in.  She walked straight in and pinched my tummy with metal clamps, which I couldn't feel.  Dr. J said  - Get her husband in here!  I tried to keep my mind off what was going on, and practiced breathing in oxygen through my nose and out through my mouth.  Dr. J and Chris were looking over the blue screen.  Dr. Seale said my uterus was really thin, and that I had a lot of scar tissue from my previous c-sections, and if I wanted to have another, I should wait a while.  They say, you're getting ready to feel A LOT of pressure,  (keep breathing) someone is doing all your pushing for you.  I hear sucking, and smell/hear skin being burnt.  They tell Chris to get his camera ready.  (Chris is already recording at this point.)  "It is a boy, for sure at 9:17.  He has a knot.  a true knot in the cord."  (I panic for a second) but hear him screaming/crying!!  Then Dr. Seale. says you are so pretty!  you are so FAT, then lifts him up so I can see him!!!  I say with tears... OH MY GOSH!   
I could NOT believe how big my baby boy was!!!

We were so lucky that I had to have a repeat c-section, because the knot could have been very serious if I had delivered vaginally.  

They move him over to my right on the warming table to clean him up & put a diaper on him.  He had an Apgar score of 8 at a minute, then 9 at 5 minutes.

Then they pull down my gown, and put my baby boy right on my chest for skin to skin.  

It was so amazing!!!! He was sucking on my neck and ready to nurse.  Had to keep pulling him down.  Didn't have very much room for him because the blue screen was still up.   My hands hurt SO BAD, since my elbows were bent.  It was time for his Daddy to take him for a minute, since they were finished and needed to put me on a different bed.  The nurse, Peggy offered to take him for just a few minutes to go measure him, and give my arms a break, then meet me in recovery.  I agreed, and off he went with his Daddy & Ms. Peggy! 

He got stopped by our family on the way to the nursery!  

He measured 21.46 inches long, 9.6 pounds, and head size of 14.25. 

I got wheeled to recovery next.  I was so happy to see Chris, Drew & baby nurse Peggy there within minutes!   They put Drew on my chest, and he immediately started nursing!!!!  It was so wonderful!  My hands hurt so bad, and I was crying/screaming/cussing for medicine to help me!  We were in recovery for around an hour.   Chris got to stay the entire time, which I was so thankful for!

  Back in our room... had our first selfie....

 We put his blue striped zutano hat, gown, mittens ands socks on him, and wrapped him up in our A + A blanket!
 We took a few minutes for him to nurse again, then wanted big sisters to come in to meet him!

 And Granny...

 And Baba...
The nurse said that we had around an hour, then they needed to get him to the nursery for his hep B shot (I think) and first bath.  Sarah & Laura Jade texted and asked if they could come.   The nurses had to come in and massage my uterus to help release blood and help it contract every 15 minutes for the first 2 hours, then every 30 minutes after that.  They told me that I seemed to be loosing a lot of blood, but would let Dr. Seale know.
At 12:00, he went to the nursery for around an hour.  Daddy held him after he got back, then Pawpaw, then Sarah & Laura Jade, around 1:00

 I missed my baby, and needed him back... took these pictures :)

 Nursed him again.
It was like 1:30, and Chris hadn't eaten anything that day.  I told him plenty of people were there, and I didn't mind if he went to go grab some food.  Then Katie got there and held him.  I started cramping really bad around this point.  I looked down and saw a massive amount of blood, and immediately called my nurse.  She got in there & called for backup.  Then they tried to call the resident on call.  They started to panic and called a rapid response code on all the speakers to room 14.  All of a sudden,  my room filled with ER Doctors, Dr. Seale, Dr. Jech, Amy (Seale's nurse), etc.  I counted 12 people at one point, but knew there were more than that, along with several carts. Including a crash cart. :(   Dr. Seale asked for some gloves, and says the blood was pooling inside my uterus because my cervix never opened.  I was starting to hemorrhage and she had to manually open my cervix to get all the blood and clots out.  She also had to put cytotec up my butt. :( (I couldn't feel anything b/c I was still numb from my epidural)  They called for someone to immediately draw blood in my arm to check my hemoglobin. I was crying because my cramps were so bad,  I didn't know what was going on, and Chris wasn't there.  Katie was sitting in the corner holding Drew.  My mom, Nora & the girls were out in the hall. My mom was freaking out, trying to figure out what was going on.  I'm asking for someone to call Chris.  

All of the doctors leave.  Minutes later, Chris walks in, has no idea what had just happened, and I bust out crying.
They continued to draw my blood over the next 2 days, and start giving me iron pills to help build back my blood.  We had everyone leave, and take it easy for the next few hours.

Bryn woke up with a red eye, and Hollyn seemed to have a cold, so we made them a pediatrician appointment for 2:00.  My mom & Nora took them (since it's across the parking lot).  Bryn had pink eye,  Hollyn test negative for RSV.  They didn't get to come back that day.  Wanted Bryn to wait 24 hours to let the eye drops work before being around brother again. :(

 Tresa & Jon came a little later to meet him.   He was wide awake!

 Then Grandpa Jeff came for a couple hours....
Then Aunt Courtney came after work and brought us Jason's Deli!  Then Uncle Travis stopped by. 

Daddy getting him swaddled...

The last picture I took that night was at 7:04.  We were exhausted.  

To be continued... 

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