Thursday, December 31, 2015


Last day of 2015 - 
Chris went into work, since it was last day of the month/quarter/year.  Kind of an important day for a business owner.  The girls & I hung out at home.  I had planned on resting, but found lots of laundry and cleaning to do, last minute things for Drew.  Made beds, packed overnight bags for the girls. 

Coffee stop at Onyx on our way to drop the girls off at my parents for the night!   I had a s'mores gibraltar, Hollyn had a strawberry smoothie  - which then had to share with Bryn, who wanted that instead of her hot chocolate.

 My mom got party hats for the girls - they couldn't wait to put them on for their "party!"
Hollyn had to write about her Dec 31st - and she told us she "partied and drank."  
Sparkling grape juice to be exact.  

One last picture, and Mommy & Daddy are off!
Quick stop at the house to change clothes, then dinner reservation for 2 at the Hive!  It was a set menu, but everything was really good!  Especially the bread & flavored butter!   Green Apple cotton candy with our check! 

We found a green penguin after my potty break and got a few pictures! 

Then to the Rowdens!  We got to love on 3 week old baby Havyn! ;) 
Fun night hanging out, baby rocking, putting together baby stuff, playing games, listening to Josh's really loud music.   Then some pictures after midnight - because we forgot before! 
Us with Breck & Shelby - 3.5 days before they got to meet baby Jax!
Me & the guys - Breck's idea. 

You wouldn't even know that Sarah was breastfeeding in this picture!

Our Year in Review