Monday, December 28, 2015

37 week update + nesting weekend

Chris went back to work this morning, after being off for 5 days.   I had my 37 week OB appointment at 10:00, so I had to get our munchkins up and ready to go by myself.  We got down to Parkhill early and Chris met us there.  We got called right in for my ultrasound.  The tech said that my fluid pockets weren't as big as before, and they only measured 17.  (It was at 21 a couple weeks ago).  Drew was measuring 36 weeks, 4 days, actually one day behind.  His heart rate was 122 bmp. (seemed low, but said it was in normal range)   I had my blood pressure check - normal at 110/70 (same as it's been for weeks) and I didn't gain any weight!   I went immediately into a room.  Since I was going to get checked, Chris took the girls to the waiting room.  Dr. Seale came right in.  Said she couldn't be happier with my fluid and his measurements.  She checked me and said it was laughable how NOT dilated I am!  C-section remains January 15th, and I go back for my last appointment next Monday!  Bloodwork on the 14th.

I had a crazy burst of energy this weekend (plus it rained/flooded the entire weekend, so we were trapped at home). Chris & I took down all Christmas decorations, reorganized & labeled all the bins in one of the attic storage rooms, installed Drew's carseat, packed hospital bags, laundry, hung up pictures in Hollyn's room and changed her curtains, put Bryn's room together, put out the pack n play, and bassinet, etc.    

We also watched a couple movies, and forced the kids to play upstairs with their Christmas gifts.  Train wreck was hilarious! 

Bryn got a new toy cubby from Grandpa Jeff, and we got her a Jenny Lind nightstand for Christmas.

3 carseats in my car!!!  Drew behind me, Bryn moved to passenger side, and Hollyn to the back! 

Christmas tree down, baby stuff out. 

Trying on the newborn insert for our Ergo carrier. 

We also went for a drive around the neighborhood to check on the flooding.