Monday, December 21, 2015

2015 Christmas Card

We had our pictures taken with Stephanie Henderson on December 6th, but I was getting anxious about not having our Christmas cards out yet.  The weather surprised us and was in the 70's for a couple days!  I made the girls put on their new Matilda Jane dresses (without undershirts and leggings) with their Joyfolie "Elsa" shoes they love, and we went to the backyard for an impromptu photoshoot!   I got some great shots of them!  I bought a template from, designed the card on photoshop, then printed them the next day at our office!  I tried to address them that weekend, in between ocular migraines, when I could see to write/look at the addresses on my computer! 
I sent out only around 40 christmas cards, since I will also be sending out Drew's birth announcements in the next month or so!   Sorry if you didn't get one!  If you're on my usual list, be expecting one of those instead! :)