Monday, December 14, 2015

The time we all went to the doctor within 24 hours.

We had a pretty bad few days... 

12.11 I started having ocular migraines Friday night, on our way to dinner at Red Robin with my family before going to see the lights on the Fayetteville Square.  I continued to have them most of the weekend.   Chris was doing some paint touch ups in the basement, and somehow hurt his lower back Saturday.  I was in bed all morning/afternoon and we traded out late Saturday afternoon. :( 

Sunday Morning Hollyn woke up with a fever, and saying her tummy and throat hurt.  She & Chris didn't get off the couch all day.  He had pains from his lower back down to his knee, and cold barely walk.  
Chris went and saw our friend/chiropractor Josh Rowden Monday morning.  I made Hollyn an appointment with our pediatrician and got in that afternoon.  Hollyn immediately tested positive for strep.  I had no idea that abdominal pains were a symptom of strep.  
We picked up her antibiotics on the way home.  She said she was ready to eat something and said the only thing she wanted was noodles from Shogun!  So, I placed an order with Chef Shuttle to deliver dinner to us early.  I ran down to Portfolio for a few minutes before 5:00, since Chris was home with the girls and just called asleep on the couch.  I was telling everyone how Bryn was the only one well at our house!   I left Portfolio at 5:00, then ran to Neighborhood Market to grab some groceries.   We ate dinner, then I was standing behind the couch talking to Chris.  Bryn came up behind me and pulled on one of the Christmas stockings and the holder came down from the mantle on her forehead.  I was standing inches from her, and immediately put my hand over it for pressure and screamed BLOOD!!  I immediately knew it needed glued or stitched.   

Chris called his dad to come look at it.  I took a quick picture and texted my friend LaDon from our pediatrician's office and asked where I should take her.  She recommended the new Northwest Medical Pediatrician Convenient Care in Springdale.  We stopped the bleeding, then put butterfly bandages on it to keep the cut together.   Chris stayed home with sick Hollyn.  I loaded her up for my second trip to Washington County within hours...  I attempted to get on the interstate, but there was a really bad wreck... I had to turn around and go backroads to Lowell, then up 264 back to the interstate, in the dark.  (I really dislike driving in the dark.) 

I called my mom to meet me at the clinic.  Luckily, it just opened and there was no one else there, and we got right in!

They first tested her for strep, since Hollyn was positive hours before.  She was negative, and had no symptoms. 

The doctor cleaned up her cut first, flushed it with fluid. then put Neosporin around it (like a fence), before filling it with purple glue.  Bryn didn't like this part.  The doctor said it would get hot.  It adhered to the wound, and she held it close for a while.  
 She put another layer on it, then we waited 5 minutes for it to dry.   Bryn kept wanting picture updates, so she could see what was going on!

Then she put strips over it, and we were free to go! 

I had my 35 week OB appt first thing in the morning, so that placed all 4 of us in a doctor's office within 24 hours!