Monday, December 7, 2015

"Fall" Photos

Sunday, we had a 15 minute - mini photoshoot scheduled with Stephanie Henderson Photography at Farmland Adventures in East Springdale.  I hadn't had any maternity or family pictures taken yet, so this was a great opportunity!  
It was a stressful morning getting ready for pictures.  I sent Chris out to the mall and Target looking for tights and necklaces for the girls and to get lunch before leaving!   We thought it was going to be the perfect weather, but it was really windy and cold (58 degrees) when we got there.  And it was a bright, sunny day, which wasn't ideal for photos. :(  My hair was blowing everywhere!  Hopefully she was able to get some good ones!  We went to my parents afterwards, and had my mom take a couple pictures with my camera while we were still dressed...

Hollyn had just got new Toms cheetah wedges the day before, and was upset that she didn't get to wear them for our pictures.  I let her bring black leggings, and change into her wedges after our shoot, so I could take pictures of just her in the Christmas trees!

Bryn wasn't feeling great, but I took some of her too!

Stephanie posted a preview this morning!  Hollyn & Chris look perfect!  My hair is kind of crazy, and Bryn looks tired/sick.   Hopefully there's some good ones for our Christmas card!