Thursday, November 19, 2015

Holiday Night of Praise 2015

Holiday Night of Praise
When Hope Came Down

Bryn's 1st Pow Wow

Thursday, Nov 19th - Bryn had her 1st Pow Wow at Tiny Tots!  We dressed her in the same dress Hollyn wore last year and sent her to school! 

Hollyn had a stomach bug the day before.  She also stayed home to rest this day, but was starting to feel much better! 

Chris met Hollyn & I at her school and we got to go the last 10 minutes and take pictures! 

Bryn and her best friend Evelyn -  

Bryn wanted to go home intead of going to "lunch bunch" for the afternoon.   They decided on Taziki's for lunch, so we went through the drive thru and ate at home!  

Pictures with my little indian...  She thought her stripes were so cool, and asked if I could redo them for Christmas! haha

Her "Holiday Night of Praise" also that night for dance...