Saturday, November 14, 2015


I turned 31 this year on Friday the 13th.  Not the most exciting age to turn. 
Especially since I'm super pregnant.  

Bryn got up early, and tried to sneak me a present while I was getting ready!   

The girls were more excited that it was my birthday.  They let me open my presents before Chris & I took them to school.

 After dropping them off, we had a coffee date at Starbucks.   I had a code for a free birthday drink, so I had a venti eggnog latte in the controversial red cup!  We then went and washed/vacuumed my car, then went by the Portfolio office for a while.
It was 10 by then, so we went to the Promenade and did some shopping, before picking up my cookie cake!   Hollyn had very specific instructions for her daddy on what it was to look like! :) 

We then had lunch at MJ's Pizzeria in Springdale, then drove to Fayetteville, so I could get a new pair of shoes at Masons, then Warren's in the mall.  I found two pair of Toms that I really liked, since I needed some easy, wide shoes that were easy to get on! 

I wasn't feeling great, so I had Chris drop me off at home, to spend some time in my bed, while he picked up the girls from school.  

Chris's dad came over later in the afternoon, so we had him snap some pictures of us with my cake.  The girls were begging to start eating it! 

We talked him into letting us borrow his new Z06 Corvette for the night! 

My parents came over to watch the girls, and we met Sarah & Josh at Ruth's Chris!  

Was a delicious meal!  Pretty sure I took more home than I ate though, since there's no room for food! 
I got my chocolate sin cake that I had been craving! 

Sarah was 38 weeks pregnant, so I was super happy that she was able to celebrate with us! 

It was a great day! 

Active Baby

I finally got a video of my active boy! 

He kicks like this throughout my entire day!  I found @Kosogkaos
on Instagram and LOVE her illustrations of pregnancy!   Exactly how I'm feeling these days!