Friday, November 13, 2015

30 week update

I had my ultrasound to figure out why I was measuring 4 weeks ahead yesterday afternoon.  We found out that Drew is measuring 32 weeks (2 weeks ahead) & is already 4 lbs, 2 oz. He was also breech again.  My fluid level is also on the high side of normal, so I go back Tuesday, Nov 24th to re-check my fluid level. (the higher level of fluid is allowing him to move around more.)   For now, they are not changing my due date.  He will just be a bigger baby (around 8 pounds).   I will schedule my c-section at my next appointment.

Did I mention that only time they could get me in for ultrasound and seeing my OB was at 2:30, which meant I had to check out both girls early from school.  AND we didn't get out of there until 5:00.  We were all beyond frustrated and ready to leave.