Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2nd 3D/4D Ultrasound

Tuesday, we went back to BabyFace & More to get another peek at Drew, since he didn't cooperative very well the week before.    This time he was face down (and towards my back) and it was completely smushed against me.   The tech tried for a really long time, but couldn't get his face!  I was starting to get so upset.   Finally, he moved and we were able to see his beautiful face and his mouth opening and closing!

29 weeks, 6 days

Fall Flowers

So, we fired our landscaping company this summer.  We were paying entirely too much, and they were slacking.  They came to mow every week, but wouldn't do anything extra unless we asked them.   ...Which was not what our agreement was.  Oh well. We had a guy that works at Chandler do our mowing for the fall... and we were taking care of the weeding.   Which was fine, until we needed fall flowers!!!!  We have a TON of begonias.  

After calling a million landscaping companies for quotes, and lots of arguments, Chris gave in and said he would do it himself.  Sunday, we went and bought 6 flats of pansies at Westwood gardens.  We decided to just do our front beds first.   Sunday afternoon, we (I did help!) dug up all the begonias, and scraped off the top level of dirt, leaves, & mulch.  Ended up filling Chris's entire truck bed!  These begonias had gotten HUGE over the summer!


We spread out new miracle grow soil, and left it over night.   We were able to dump Chris's truck on my parents' garden later that afternoon!
Chris came home early on Monday to plant the pansies.   I started helping at first, but my back was killing me from doing too much the day before.  Bryn just wanted to help... she raked leaves, jumped in them, helped plant the flowers, etc.  She was a mess!

All finished!!!   I have a lot more respect for landscapers now.  Removing/Planting flowers isn't easy!!!  So proud of my husband for doing such a great job (and saving us a TON of $$)!