Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Friday October 30th - We had two adult Halloween parties, so the girls stayed the night with my parents!  We dropped off the girls, then thought we'd get a chance to eat at MJ's Pizzeria in Springdale, but it looked completely packed.  There aren't very many other restaurant choices in Springdale, so we went to Marketplace (2nd time this week).  We still had a wait, but our food came out fast, and we were right on time to Tifanie's.   We got dressed in the car before going in.  Chris was  The Donald.  He ordered a "Make America Great Again" hat,  sweet blonde wig, a flag lapel pin, and a 2016 Trump for President Shirt!   I wanted something super comfy, so I ordered a (Republican) elephant onesie! 

We stayed until around 10.  I tried to have fun, but my back was hurting super bad. :(

Next, we went to Laura Jade and Joe's!   We made it right before the guys took their group picture....

We played Cards Against Humanity (for the first time) and had a blast!  We left around 11:40, since I knew we had to wake up an finish cleaning for our showing in the morning at 10:00! 

Saturday, October 31st  - We put the finishing touches on the house for the showing, then Chris left around 9:30 to go out to my parents to pick up the girls.  The agent came early, so I drove around while they looked (since she had previewed it earlier in the week).   

We were able to send out a final counter offer for our cabin/property in Sulphur Springs this morning, and the Buyers signed!  We should close on December 3rd.  

Chris & the girls got home and then we went to Sam's Club to get our treats to hand out for Halloween.  We decided to get Capri Sun Roarin Waters, instead of candy!  We got four 40 packs!  (and handed out 130!)

We sold Chris's Restoration Hardware office furniture on Craigslist earlier in the week.   We hardly ever used that room as it was, so we let the girls turn it into their "art room" Saturday morning.  We didn't realize it would be so awesome!  The girls love going in there, to paint/draw and watch tv,  so we have gained back full access of the living room TV!

I got the girls dressed, then we went outside for a few pictures.

We ordered pizza for dinner, ate, then went across the street to trick or treat at a few houses!   They were so excited to see Emma!

 Chris met us with the golf cart, and we went to a few more houses! 

  Then we went back to hand out treats for a while.    

Baby Drew on Halloween...