Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hollyn's 1/2 Birthday!

Hollyn turned 5 1/2 on September 1st.  
We showed our house that morning, so Chris was home helping me do some last minute cleaning.  I had him watch Bryn so I could surprise Hollyn and have lunch with her! 

 Bryn was still getting over a virus she had over the weekend, so she stayed home with me that afternoon (and skipped MDO).

She was feeling much better after her nap and wanted to play everything in the playroom!

I picked up some cupcakes from Bliss that afternoon for Hollyn's 1/2 birthday!
 The Rowdens invited us over for Taco Tuesday, and we had a mini birthday party for Hollyn as well!

 with gifts, of course!  They got her a barbie, and we got her some puppets!

Hollyn loved her little birthday celebration and we enjoyed our evening, while the kids played on the playground!