Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Day of Kindergarten!

My big girl started Kindergarten this week! 

My family came over on Sunday afternoon to see Hollyn before her big day on Monday!  Hayley is also starting 10th grade, Hunter 6th grade!

We found her perfect first day of school outfit later that night!  

Monday morning, she was in a great mood & excited to go to school.  She requested a side ponytail with a pink bow to match her shirt!  We took pictures on the porch before leaving.

We visited her classroom first.  It was the first time Chris & I got to see it, since we were in the Caymans last week when Baba took her to her Meet the Teacher.

 We took her to the hall to wait with her classroom.  Her friends were excited to see her & she was not sad at all to see us leave!  I couldn't help but cry walking out of there!

Chris went to work, and Baba, Bryn & I went to breakfast.  Bryn suggested her favorite place - Pressroom!  She was so funny!  She thought it was pretty cool that she got water & lemonade in little cups!

 Our food was amazing...
 She asked if we could take a picture outside after we ate!
 Then went to the Amazeum.  We didn't realize it opened at 9 for members, so we went to the park for a little while before coming back.   It wasn't very packed, and we had a great time!

We picked up lunch at Jimmy John's afterwards, then Bryn took a nap.  

Baba got this cookie cake for Hollyn to eat after school!

Chris came home early to ride with us to pick up Hollyn.  She talked non-stop when she got in the car!  They got to play at a new playground... She liked her lunch, but didn't have time to eat it all.... Sam (the boy all the girls like) talked to her today (eek!) and they discussed what kind of suckers they liked.... They ate popcorn...  She took her shoes off for reading/resting time...

 Bryn was suppose to start MDO on Tuesday, but she wanted to stay home since Baba would still be here until her flight at 2:45.