Sunday, August 16, 2015

Cayman Islands Trip 2015

Chris & I took our annual trip adults only trip August 11-15th.  Chris's mom was wanting to be here for Hollyn's first day of Kindergarten anyways, so we bought her ticket to come a week early, and she watched the girls while were gone!  {Thanks Baba!}  We loved the Cayman Islands so much last fall that we decided to go back!  Our friends Sarah & Josh were also able to go with us!  Sarah & I are both pregnant, so it was awesome having a preggy buddy there with me!!!
Good Night Girls!  
Our flight left from XNA at 6:00, so we picked S & J up from their house around 4:30am....  Bummer, but that meant we were there around noon!   I was excited to have TSA recheck on all my tickets, so no waiting in security for me! 

We got to our hotel - The Marriott Grand Cayman Beach Resort around 1:00.   Sarah & Josh's room as ready right away, so we had all the luggage delivered there.  We changed and went to the beach!   (our room was next door!)

The view from our balconies:

We had lunch at Vista -the outdoor restaurant at our hotel.  Sarah & I found our favorite drinks right away - virgin miami vices!

I absolutely loved this lunch - Mahi Mahi wrap with jerk spiced sweet potato fries.  Think I had it like 2 more times that week!

We walked the beach..... Josh found a crab!

Continually laughed at all the speedos!

Got our room later that afternoon!  The girls requested pictures of it!

They surprised us with (it's a girl/boy) brownies and beach bags!

Pictures at Sunset.... Sarah was 24 weeks and I was 17 weeks...

That night we walked over to Craft pub across the street.   Breakfast in the lobby was so amazing every morning!  We found these ham, egg & cheese crepes that were incredible   - and fresh squeezed juices!
Awesome lobby -

We walked to Camana Bay later that morning!  There was a farmer's market setup in the middle....

We found these cute rocking chairs, sat, talked, and enjoyed the scenery for a while!
 Then lunch at Abacus... our favorite from our last trip there!

We snorkeled for the first time that afternoon.  Chris brought his go pro, so we took videos and pictures of the fish!
 Dinner on the North side of the island - at the Cracked Conch.   Right before I got unexpectantly got licked by the dog  lion while taking Sarah & Josh's picture! LOL  And screamed like a little girl!
Tried out our selfie stick for the first time.... :)

  Fried Conch appetizer

Lots of great conversation sitting by the shore at night....
Thursday morning...

Then we went for a like 3 mile walk down the beach to the Ritz.  Then jumped in their pool because we were exhausted and sunburnt.  Silly us forgot to bring money.  I totally would have taken a cab back! 
 I took a shower and a nap that afternoon... was in pain from my sunburn, and not in the best mood.  But we had planned on taking sunset pictures before dinner...

Our server surprised us both with congratulatory desserts after we told them we were there on our baby moons! 

There was a bonfire on the beach and we made s'mores!
 We had a great view of a wedding reception from Josh & Sarah's balcony, so we sat out there and got some great entertainment with a DJ for the rest of the night!
Friday:  We rented bikes from the hotel.  We couldn't wait to try out this double bike.... it was seriously hard to ride!  We were trying to ride on the tiny sidewalk with cars driving on the wrong side of the street right beside us.... Chris was in the front, which meant I couldn't see around him and I didn't know when to steer/lean or when to pedal faster/slower!  We didn't make it too far before turning around and giving Sarah & Josh a try!   We turned it in and got single bikes and drove for a while!

 These little guys were everywhere... and not so big guys!
 I was sooo sunburnt. :(

 We went snorkeling again that day... Me & Sarah's 2nd time, and Josh & Chris's 3rd time since we had been there!  We got tons of great views and pictures on Chris's Go Pro that day!   The hotel put in a man made reef right in front, with lots of fish!

  That night we went down to the Wharf for dinner!  We had a nice table under a tent by the water!  We could see the huge tarpon swim right beside our table, and got to throw our shrimp cocktail tails to them!   They did a big feeding at 7:30!

 Saturday.... our last day!  We had breakfast, then spent the morning on the beach, then we went up to our room around 10 to pack and checkout at 11:00

:( Until we see you again Cayman Islands!