Monday, August 3, 2015

Definitely a boy.

I'm seriously behind on blogging!  Hopefully I will get a chance to catch you up on our summer when the girls go back to school in a few weeks!  (And I'll be back dating - so make sure to go back and check!)  Hollyn will be starting Kindergarten and Bryn will be starting 3 year old preschool!  

So, I had my 15 week OB appointment on July 29th.  They were able to do an ultrasound to confirm my blood test saying we were having a BOY!  Dr. Hix tried first on the ultrasound machine in one of the rooms, but quality wasn't the greatest, and he said his cord was in the way.  Dr. Seale tried a second time in the main ultrasound room at Parkhill, and was able to show us his boy parts!!!  I also had the blood test for spina bifida (which came back normal), and declined the down syndrome test, since the Harmony came back normal. 

So excited to know for sure that we are getting our baby boy!  We had already ordered "cloud" blue bedding/rug/curtains for his nursery from Restoration Hardware... but were waiting until after the ultrasound to put it all up.   Also have an entire closet full of girls stuff to go through.  Guess I'll be doing some consigning at Rhea Lana's this fall! 

Bedding on Right