Monday, June 29, 2015


That's right!  Chris & I are having another baby!  
I am due January 20, 2016!!!  (but will have my 3rd C-section a week or so before)

So, I took a HPT Mother's Day morning, but it was negative.  I was majorly bummed because I seriously had been feeling pregnant for a few days!  I checked the stick and threw it away.  For some reason that night after putting the girls to bed, I pulled it out of the trash, and a faint 2nd line showed up!!   Chris & I looked at it, but didn't know what to think!  I waited until the next morning to try a digital one, and it said 1-2 weeks PREGNANT!!!
Mother's Day evening

We kept our big news to ourselves for the next few days, since Chris was leaving on his Hilton Head golf trip the next day. (Wednesday - Sunday).  Tuesday night, we made these dresses for the girls. 

I went in on Thursday and had blood work that confirmed my pregnancy (HCG) and also tested my progesterone.  I had to go back in on Monday to see if my HCG was rising and it was!

My progesterone was at a 16.1, which was only slightly low, but they went ahead & put me on a progesterone supplement until 10 weeks.  

I couldn't wait any longer, and told my family that Thursday on my Dad's birthday.  We waited until Chris got home on Sunday to tell the girls!  They were & still are super excited!!!

The girls wore their dresses that Sunday to my parents, and we told the rest of my family, 
and face timed Chris's parents. 

I had an ultrasound on June 4th at 7 weeks. Baby looked great, and we heard the heart beat for the first time!!!  I got very overwhelmed with emotion and couldn't stop crying!  Can't believe I get to be a Mommy again!!! 

I had my nurse appointment at 10 weeks, and she was able to detect the baby's heartbeat again with the doppler!  This time it was 177!  She also said I could stop taking the progesterone!  

I felt comfortable after this and decided to publicly share our big news!!!  

The girls cooperated and let me take these pictures:

Are we going to find out the baby's gender?  YES!!!

I am getting blood work done Wednesday July 1st.  Should take around 10 days to get back and then we will know!!  Not sure how I'm going to spread the news, but we are very excited to find out!   Now, if I can just get over my morning/all day sickness, I'll be doing better!!!