Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bryn's BirthDAY

Last day being 2....
 I went to the movies with my mom, sis-in-law, & niece to see Pitch Perfect 2 on Sunday night, but had Chris keep the girls up so I could be there to tuck in my little two year old for the last time.

 We did some decorations for her to see when she woke up, since her party isn't until Saturday.
May 25, 2015: Bryn's 3rd Birthday

She woke up in a great mood & let me go ahead and get her dressed before coming downstairs.  

 We got her a bunch of new Matilda Jane clothes, a Frozen Matching game, a dump truck, and 2 MLP Equestria Dolls...

 We sung her happy birthday at 7:44, the exact time she was born!
We got ready, then went to eat breakfast at Mimi's Cafe.
 Both girls got puppy dog pancakes!

 My parents came by after we got home.  They got her a puzzle set & a loader to go with the dump truck we got her!
 They decided to put on some clothes they could get dirty, then go play in the mud!

Tresa, Jon, Hayley & Hunter also stopped by for a little while.  The girls had a quick bath, then we went outside to blow some bubbles!
 We had planned to eat lunch at Table Mesa, but it was closed for Memorial Day.  We decided to have ice cream before lunch, since we were already right there!  We walked around the square for a little while and threw coins in the fountain after!

 We then had lunch at Jimmy John's, then Bryn fell asleep on the way home.   She took a long nap in her bed after we got home, and we took Hollyn outside to swim for the first time!

We just hung out at home that night! 
 She's excited for her Elsa Party on Saturday! 

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