Monday, April 27, 2015

Dance Recital Week

 Monday night- Opener & Finale Rehearsal.  Just Hollyn had to go this night!   Chris met us here after he got off work, and we ate at Marketplace afterwards!

Tuesday night:  Tech Rehearsal.  Both girls.  I got them dressed, and since they have dance on different nights of the week, they are rarely in their dance clothes at the same!  They thought it was pretty cool, and Hollyn asked to take "twin pictures!"

 They love each other so much! Most of the time!

 Tiny Tots on stage!

We had a break on Wednesday!  It was Administrative Professionals Day.  The Portfolio Team surprised La Donna with lunch at Pinnacle!
We had dinner Wed. night with Breck & Shelby at Gusanos!

Thursday: Pictures!  Bryn's were at 3:30, so Chris had to pick Hollyn up from school, and meet us there for her pictures at 4:30.

Saturday morning:  We had our group picture at 9:30, then entire rehearsal, so we didn't get out of there until around 12:20! 

The girls & I rushed home, and Marguerite came over to watch the girls for the afternoon.  We had a tee time to play golf with Breck & Shelby that afternoon at the Creeks.  Once we got to the course, it was backed up, and it was going to be at least another 30 minutes until we got a cart.  We decided to go back to our house, and jump on the golf cart to go hit balls at Pinnacle!  It was a gorgeous, sunny day!  We had a blast!  We came back and sat by the pool after!  

We ended up ordering take out from Chuys, hanging out in the back, & heating up the hot tub for the girls to swim!

Sunday!  Big Recital Day was finally here!!

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