Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

We had such a good Valentine's celebration (week) this year!  
Bryn had parties in her MDO class on Wednesday & Friday, so she had to bring treats for her friends twice!  And Hollyn just had a party on Friday afternoon that we all got to come to!   Here are the girls earlier in the week putting together Bryn's valentines.

And I designed these with Hollyn's sparkle pictures and attached them to her treat bags!  Chris & I actually put these together late Wednesday night by ourselves! 

Thursday - Feb 12th marked the TEN YEAR anniversary of our engagement date!  (Which made me feel really old.)  We hosted the monthly wine tasting event that night at our house - will write another blog post on that!  

The girls dressed up for school (in what we creatively could find in their closets) on Friday morning.  Busy mom didn't really think ahead on that.
I had a chiropractor appointment Friday morning, then we had pictures with Stephanie Henderson Photography at the Bentonville square around noon.   Lifestyle Dentistry had asked Chris & I if we would be in their ad in Citiscapes Magazine.  Stephanie is a friend of mine from high school, so I asked her if she would also do a few extra for Chris & I - so I could have a new headshot and a few of us together, since that never happens!  I had a complimentary makeover session at Sephora, so I was able to go get my makeup done that morning!  It was FREEZING and the wind was blowing, but hopefully we got some good ones!  
Chris & I were able to have a late lunch at Taziki's before picking Bryn up from school and then going to Hollyn's Valentine's Party!  We were really impressed with the party! 

Wild Bryn had a little accident Thursday night & fell and hit the tile floor, so we took her to Dr. Sarah to make sure she was okay! 
 Chris got me the most beautiful flower arrangement from Pigmint!

Friday night, we took the kids to FNO at Cross Church, then went to Dinner at Shogun with friends!  We went back to the church for dessert & #cclatenight comedy show.  Was such a good time!  
 Valentine's Day - Saturday:  The girls gave Chris his huge doggy Valentine's card that Bryn picked out!
 My goodies from my sweet husband, and hand written card. :)
 Chris opening up the Vortex spotting scope that I got for him!
Chris went and got us heart shaped chicken & egg biscuits from Chickfila for breakfast.  
After getting ready, we went to 3 Monkeys to do some shopping for Hollyn.  Were actually looking for size 5 jeans... but didn't get any!  Hollyn, for some reason, loved this fur coat!  She begged to try it on, and to buy it, but she got rejected!!  :)   She was able to talk me into some pink sparkly shoes and a new dress!  Then we stopped by Chic and I got a new top!
 Next... lunch at Jason's Deli.   Then to the office to print Hollyn's birthday invitations!
(Party is in 2 weeks from today!!!!)
We picked up my niece & nephew on the way home, then got ready for our hot double date!  We went to Shelby & Breck's house and hung out for a bit before our reservations at The Hive!

 Set 5 course menu.  

The chocolate tort dessert & cotton candy dessert was my favorite!

Then we went to the new restaurant in Rogers, Fosters Pint & Plate to check it out!  
The huge fire pit outside with the view of Pinnacle was pretty impressive! 

 Had the best time with these 2!

We went back to their house afterwards & were home by 11:30! 

Sunday morning... our babies woke up sick:(  so we had a lazy day at home.