Tuesday, February 17, 2015

First snow of the season!

Monday morning, we woke up to over 4" of snow in Rogers!   The first big snow of our 2014/2015 season!  School was canceled on Monday and again on Tuesday!  (Hollyn was sick and would have missed school anyways, so it was perfect timing!)

I bundled Bryn up on Monday morning to let her walk around in it and get a few pictures!  (and refused to wear gloves!)  She was still pretty tiny last year when it snowed!

 When Chris got home later in the afternoon, I talked Hollyn into going out with us to get some fresh air!

 Chris had to show the girls how to make a snow angel!

 Bryn & I sled down the golf course hill across the street from our house!

 Then she went again with Daddy & Hollyn!  It's super steep, so it's fast!!!  I then jumped on my own sled, and met them at the bottom!  I love sledding :)

Dec 2013:

Day Two - Tuesday:  I couldn't get over how beautiful my view was!  It's hard to tell from the pictures, but all the trees were covered in a layer of ice!  

View from our Upper Veranda!

 The girls woke up feeling much better!  We turned off the TV and were a lot more productive today!

I even decided to work out! (and had a cute little exercise buddy) I found a new app called 2048 on my iPad that I'm pretty obsessed with!  It took my mind of working out for over 4 miles!  Woo Hoo!

Hoping the roads were able to melt off enough to allow school tomorrow!  I'm ready to get out!!!! 

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