Monday, January 19, 2015

Fun little weekend.

It has been FREEZING all year, so it was nice to finally get a break from the cold on Friday!  I got to wash my car for the very first time, and was so happy!
 Friday night:  I went to Grant's 30th birthday dinner with friends at Crabby's.

Saturday:  We cleaned out a few closets and the attic!  We had bought a bunch of new clear plastic tubs, so we reorganized everything, and made a huge pile of things to donate to the Women's Shelter Thrift Shop!  Hollyn's closet looks amazing now!  (and I took a new picture)

 Then we took the girls outside to play!  They were so excited to get outside for the first time all year!
Chris finished putting together our new golf cart!  It was delivered the week before Christmas, but the 14" wheels came in a few weeks ago, & the custom Bentley seats and bag rack just came in on Friday!   It was nice driving around the hood with the girls buckled in the back seats!

Hollyn insisted that Chris put her bag on the back of her golf car too! #twinkies

  Some golf practice...

Then cousin Remington came over later in the afternoon!  We were feeling kind of crazy & decided to go to Flying Fish for dinner!   Luckily, Tresa, Jon, Hayley & Hunter met us there, so we had some extra help! 

Sunday - we took the girls to Crystal Bridges! We wanted to show them a few of the pieces of art from the State of the Art exhibit.
Then we walked down one of the trails, and took some pictures!  

Not bad for self timer!  

We then went to lunch at Pressroom!  We had to wait like 15 minutes, but it was so worth it!  Mmm!

The girls couldn't wait to get out to Granny & Pawpaws!  We found this 4-wheeler on the clearance rack at Target & Chris couldn't pass it up!  We watched the Packers/Seahawks game and had dinner!  

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