Monday, December 8, 2014


So, back in April, Laura Jade had told me that Justin Timberlake opened up another location for his 20/20 Experience World Tour!  It happened to be the day before Chris's birthday, so we splurged for the VIP Bar & Lounge Package!

"Justin Timberlake's all-new fan club, The Tennessee Kids, will have access to a pre-sale starting on April 8. Register for the fan club and receive a special code to access the pre-sale."
Then we had 8 long months to wait!  Finally December 5th was here!  We sent Hollyn to school in the morning, after picking her up, we took them to stay the night at my parents' house.  We got to OKC around 3:00, but first had to visit a golf cart place.  We recently sold our black golf cart, so we were able to ahead and look into getting the one we've been wanting - an EZGO 2Five.   They had one 2015 model in silver with everything we wanted, but said they could change it to black and deliver it to us before Christmas!   I'm excited because it has seat belts and it goes FAST! :)

Then we checked in at our hotel - The Renaissance.  We had just enough time to get changed/touch up hair/makeup and walk over to get into line to pick up our VIP package by 5:15!  

We got awesome bags with T-shirts, a poster, book, zip drive, commemorative tickets, etc.  We couldn't believe when we got our actual tickets, that we were at Table 2 in VIP 1!  

We got crowd free shopping (but didn't buy anything)...

Then went down to the court side club, and had a really nice buffet dinner!  

 Checking out our seats for the first time...

Then we hung out in the club until a little while before it started.  There were a lot of places to take photos...  We met the Trumpet player in the Tennessee Kids!

Once we sat down, we had a waitress the entire concert that brought us drinks!
Our area was on a raised platform on the floor level, so we had a wonderful view!

Then after Señorita, the stage raised up and slid back to our area!!!

And then he was right in front of us!!!  The first time he walked down, he gave Chris a fist bump!!!  I was so jealous!!!

We met up with Laura Jade & Joe after and went to a Pizza & beer place! 

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