Thursday, November 20, 2014

November Randoms

Makeup with Mommy! 
Happy Birthday to Chris's dad! 
 Company Team Building at Modern Mission:

Breakfast at Mimi's Cafe...
 Miss Sophisticated with her new glasses from Claire's. 

 Pressroom Lunch with just this little one...

 Kicking off Mommy's birthday at Marketplace! 

I joined the DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB!  If you haven't heard of this, you need to check out their website/watch the videos.  
 Special treat after school:

 Yay for potty training! 
 lol....  Just relaxin'
 Helping Momma cook dinner! 
 This kid likes to 1.) Eat  2.) Relax 3.)Make me laugh

Removal of the playhouse from the playroom/rearrangement

4 wheeler rides with Pawpaw are their favorite!  
 Forcing cousin Remi to smile! 

 Birthday dinner + apple pie at my parents'.
 Tea Party! 
 Trying on her new outfit that I got at the NWA Boutique Show! 
 Smooches for Daddy! 

 First time to rehearse on stage! 
 Hanging out with her buddy, Kaylor! 
 New trees, to add more privacy to our backyard! 

 Bryn's a owl "Hoo Hoo!" 

 Ballet Rehearsal! 

 Frozen Blueberries! 

 Excited for Dance Rehearsal! 

 My baby up on stage, doing her Jingle Bells dance! 
 Visitor day at Tiny Tots.  Hollyn got to invite two grandparents to come watch her program and share fruit with!   This is her with her friend Kylee! 
Great Grandma Faye and Grandpa Jeff
 Our office manager at Portfolio, La Donna turned 50 on the 19th!!  We all went to lunch at Fish City Grill, then back to the office for her favorite - crustless cheesecake! 

 This background was set up at Target - Say cheese and FREEZE!  
The girls had fun posing in front of it! 

We started putting up our tree on Friday (21st) night.  

Target had a Frozen event... the girls dressed up as Elsa & Anna, and they got a free goodie bag!

It was a cold/rainy day, so we skipped the Razorback game and stayed home and finished decorating our tree! 

Chris had to leave for a little while to go to the office to show our black golf cart to some nice ladies.  They ended up buying it!  Woo Hoo  - Closer to getting our new one!

We got out the girls' nativity playset 

Baking cookies Sunday morning for Friendsgiving with our #thevillage Pinnacle friends.
Walker's birthday party at Fun City:


Lunch at Chuy's after Hollyn's parent-teacher conference!

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