Wednesday, November 19, 2014

LA trip!

For my 30th birthday, I really wanted to go on a quick weekend trip!  I had never been to California, so we thought we'd start with LA/Beverly Hills, since we only had a baby sitter for a couple days! {A big thanks to my sister/brother in law and mom/dad for watching our girls!}  I still want to see San Francisco/San Diego/Orange County!    

So we left for LA the day after my birthday, on the 14th (Friday).  We were able to drop the girls off at school, then go to the airport.  It was nice not being super rushed in the morning! 

We flew into LAX around 3:00PM, then got our rental car!  I couldn't believe all the oil derrick's that we saw on our way to our hotel, on La Cienega Blvd! 
My first sight of the Hollywood sign! 
Driving up to our hotel, the Beverly Wilshire...  (where they filmed Pretty Woman!)
When we checked in, the lady at the front desk said "Since you're celebrating a birthday, we went ahead and upgraded you to a suite!"   Much bigger than the "Rodeo Studio" we had originally booked!  It had three separate rooms - the bedroom...  

Huge bathroom with two closets...
And living room, that we never went in! 
And they all 3 had an awesome view of Rodeo Drive!!!
It was starting to get dark, so we hurried and changed our clothes to hit a few stores on Rodeo drive before they closed! 

We had a 7:00 dinner reservation at Villa Blanca, but were starving, so we had drinks and an appetizer at the restaurant/bar in our hotel - theBLVD before.   
Villa Blanca was only a few blocks away, so we were able to walk there! 

They were recording a reality show when we got there.  We knew we recognized the guys, but could NOT think of who they were!  We spent all weekend looking up their names!  We didn't find them until we got home - We had seen them on Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis - Patrik Simpson & Pol Atteu.   Patrik posted this picture of them walking out of Villa Blanca after filming that night!

The restaurant was sexy & romantic!  

Our food was super good!  I got the mushroom risotto and Chris got the sea bass!  So amazing, but we couldn't even finish it all.  We were so exhausted and wondered why our check was taking so long!  
This is why:

We walked back to the room and were asleep by 8:30!  

I seriously woke up at 3:50am wide awake, since my body was on the wrong time zone!  I managed to fall back asleep for a while.  {Chris & I always trade roles on vacation - I wake up early, he sleeps in}  We ate breakfast at the Farm of Beverly Hills, then drove to an address (that I had found on a random blog) to see the Hollywood sign  - 3200 Canyon Lake Dr Los Angeles, CA 90027.   We had no idea that we would get this good of a view!!  It was Lake Hollywood Park...
And there was parking at the top! 

Such gorgeous views! 

We drove around in the neighborhood nearby until we got to this:

We had the rest of the day with no plans - so we decided to check a few more things off our bucket lists!  Next stop: the Santa Monica Pier and my first time to see the Pacific Ocean/put my feet in :)

The water was SO cold!

Afterwards, we drove around and saw some amazing real estate (or as much as we could, since they all had huge, mature landscaping!)

We even saw the gates to the Playboy Mansion!

Josh Flagg always talks about the Beverly Hills Hotel...

And we found the Million Dollar Listings guy's real estate offices on Canon Drive! 

Next:  Lunch at Spago!  This place was amazing!  We loved the natural light and atmosphere! 

My A-mazing lunch! I had them switch the blue cheese for goat cheese, which made it perfect :)

Then some shopping... We walked down to Kyle Richards' store! 

There were sports cars everywhere, revving up their motors - Chris was in heaven! 

Beautiful Christmas decorations across the street from our hotel, on the corner of Rodeo!  There was a band playing music over to the right!

We had reservations for dinner at SUR!!  

If you watch Vanderpump Rules - We did see Peter.  He was standing by the hostess stand when we got there.  And James (Kristen's new DJ Boyfriend).  He was our busser/water boy/bread boy!   I ordered a jalapeño margarita like I've seen on the show a few times, and it was very spicy! 

Food was good again, but VB was better! 

Here's the back door, just like you see on the show!

Pump was at the other end of the block!  

We then drove up to Mulholland Drive to see the lights of the city! 

I loved pulling up to our hotel with valet service, next to all the fancy cars!   We saw Regis Philbin get out of his car before we left for dinner that night! 

We walked down to Bouchon Bakery for coffee and croissants that morning.  We sat in a really cute area - Beverly Canon Gardens.

Then packed up and checked out!   

Wiz Khalifa was staying at our hotel.  This Bugatti was his (obviously), and his yellow Mclaren F1.  His name kept popping up on our wifi! 
We wanted to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame "stars"... but this area was super sketchy, so we didn't get out of our car! 
We decided to go to the Griffith Observatory next, and were so glad we went!  
The views were incredible! 

Then.... we drove back to the beach!  We drove up the coast for a while to get a good view!  

We still had some time, so we drove past Muscle Beach, then went shopping at Trader Joes!  Had a nice lunch at a picnic table outside!   

When we got to LAX, we found out that our flight was delayed 30 minutes.  We were worried we would miss our connection in Dallas, since it only gave us 20 minutes.  Once we got to Dallas, the flight to XNA was also pushed back, so we were relieved!  We had no idea that they would continue to push it back for a few more hours.  (It was lightly snowing, and SO COLD in the airport)  We finally boarded around 11, but had to de-ice, etc. and didn't land until after 1am.   

We picked the girls up from my parents around 1:40, and weren't home until 2am!!!

Such a wonderful week!  I can't thank my wonderful husband enough for putting everything together!   

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