Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

This year we had Ariel, the Little Mermaid & Rainbow Dash, my Little Pony!!!

I did a little photo shoot in the front yard on Thursday afternoon, so I could make sure and get pictures of them!  I am so glad b/c they would barely smile for a picture Friday night! 

I loved their long wigs!!

Friday night, Chris & I made "mummy dogs" for the kids and chicken chili for dinner!  

Our ornery little helpers! 

After dinner, we got the girls dressed!  Chris & I thought we might get away with not dressing up, but Hollyn instead that I put on my mermaid costume and Chris be Eric/prince charming!

We took the kids to 3 of the neighbor's houses to trick or treat! 

Then, Hollyn was anxious to get back home to hand out our treats -  M&M and Fudge Stripe cookies!

Holly was counting her candy!  Ended up with 10 pieces of candy, and she was happy as can be! 

 Our friends Randall & Rebecca and their cute little knights, that are the exact ages of the girls stopped by later in the night!  The kids had a blast playing, and even smiled for a few pictures!

The Sunday before, we also attended the Pinnacle Halloween Carnival.  The girls dressed up as Minnie Mouse and a Princess! 

We got our picture taken, and it was on Pinnacle's Facebook page, and in their newsletter for November! 

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