Tuesday, November 18, 2014


On my actual birthday, Chris & the girls surprised me with
breakfast in bed...
Then they jumped in bed with me and showered me with gifts and cards! :)

Pictures with my sweeties...

Then we stopped by Blakeman's.  The girls started their training for their future job.  Well maybe Bryn.  Hollyn said she's going to have two jobs - she wants to get kid's teeth clean, a dentist and to be a baby doctor, a pediatrician.
Lunch at Taziki's.  This kid grabbed my tomato/cucumber salad off my plate, and started eating it - ate the whole thing!!! 

We also went to Best Buy, and then picked up some Great American cookies (which I prefer over birthday cake!) 

A quiet mani/pedi by myself later in the afternoon....

My parents came over, and we had takeout from Abuelos! 

Then Travis, Marguerite & Remington came a little later! 

My parents with Holls & I 

Then we put the girls to bed... then I got really stressed out about packing and leaving the girls in the morning!!! 

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