Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Potty Training B

Bryn asked to try to go potty on Monday morning.  I brought her potty seat into the living room, let her read a book and watch cartoons while she sat to see if it would help.   After a few minutes she PEED!!!   Yay!!!  The potty seat sang her a little song and Mommy clapped!  She was rewarded with a sucker! 

I put a diaper back on her for her nap and to go to dance...

Then later Monday night, I was out of the room when Chris yelled "Mooorgan!!"  I thought something was wrong and came running the the living room.  Bryn was standing there naked, and crying.  AND there was poop in the potty!!! :)  I don't think she's ever seen her own poop, so she acted afraid of it! 
 So proud of her for knowing to ask her daddy to go! 

Yay for 1 & 2 :) 

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