Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween decorations

The girls have been obsessed with our pumpkins!  Bryn is so proud of the little green ones that we brought home.  She asked to go outside and take a picture with them!  Hollyn has been asking constantly when we can paint them.  

 sweet pic I took last night 
While Bryn was napping today, I gave in and cleaned up the pumpkins and let Hollyn paint hers!
When Bryn woke up, she wanted to paint her baby green one! 

Hollyn was so sweet and offered guidance to B.

They were anxious for Chris to paint his pumpkin when he got home.  He started, but they wanted to help, and ended up taking over and painting the entire thing blue! 

 Hollyn added her name in glow in the dark paint, and had me sprinkle it with glitter!
 We looked back at them later, and Bryn had poured glitter all over Chris's when we weren't paying attention!
And my simple family C pumpkin!  {I plan on painting our big pumpkin later, when I don't have so much "help!}

Hollyn got extremely excited about getting our fall/halloween decorations out of storage a few nights ago.  She had us break up into teams to distribute decorations and to make our house spooky.  I kind of felt bad that we didn't have very many....
 So we went to Target last night and let the girls get a light up spooky black cat for the porch!

The girls had to have a pictures with the pumpkins and our cat after we put them on the porch! 
 Scary faces!

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