Monday, October 13, 2014

Coffee Date

After dropping Hollyn off at school, Bryn & I went to the Bentonville Public Library to return the books that we had checked out.  I asked Bryn what she said she wanted to do afterwards, and she said "get coffee."  {I have totally created a monster!}  We were close to Pressroom, so we went there!  I ordered B her very own hot chocolate (with whipped cream), and they brought it out in the cutest little to-go cup!  She was so happy! 

So we had a nice little date!  She colored, I drank my latte! :)

Her Daddy let her pick out her own clothes this morning, btw.  It was a rainy, nasty day, so I didn't even care to change her shirt - that totally didn't match.   UNTIL she spilled her hot chocolate down it.

All ready to pick up big sis! 

And here she is on Saturday, when we went to breakfast at Common Grounds.  Sitting in my lap, stealing a drink of my coffee.

And some other pics that I didn't post...

Friday morning before school pics - 

Friday afternoon
I had gone to Target Friday afternoon & saw that the Halloween costumes were Buy 1, Get 1 Free, so we took the girls back that night and let them pick out their costumes.

So, this year, we will have a Rainbow Dash {My Little Pony}...
And an Ariel {Little Mermaid}...

Bryn has requested that Mommy be a Mermaid too... 

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