Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cayman Trip

Thanks to my fabulous mother in law for coming up to watch the girls, Chris & I were able to take a much needed vacation by ourselves!!!  She & Chris's step dad flew up from Florida on Friday (26th), so we were able to spend the weekend with them before he flew home on Monday.  (Then Meghan flew in on Friday for the weekend.) Chris & I flew to Atlanta, then the Grand Cayman Island early Tuesday morning!  We had easy flights with no delays!  
Our upgrade to first class was definitely worth it!

We got into George Town around 12:20pm.  We were one of the first people off the plane, and only brought carry-on luggage, so didn't have to wait at baggage.  Didn't have to wait long in customs, then walked straight out and were able to get a taxi.  Was only a 4 mile drive to our hotel, so we were at the Ritz Carlton by 12:45!  At check-in, the lady at the front desk said we were already upgraded to a room with an partial ocean view that was 200 square feet bigger! Very exciting, since we only paid for a resort view room! 

King bed, two televisions, extra sitting area with couch and desk, and personal terrace. 
Big bathroom with double sinks, tiled shower and separate tub! 
Checking out the beach! 
Then we changed and walked to the other side of the property to see the other pool and water park - in case we brought the girls back!  Found a random chicken walking around! 

Then laid on the beach for a while before getting lunch at Bar Jack! 

That night before walking down to Yoshi Sushi down the street for dinner, we looked out and saw this amazing sunset!!!  

Ended up going to bed around 8pm our first night, and slept 11 hours!  

Wednesday morning, we walked down to Eats Cafe for a huge American breakfast before Chris played golf. 
He was excited to get to rent new TaylorMade clubs, that he actually wants to get.  He hit a few practice shots - then they told us to take our time, hit two balls if we wanted because we had the course to ourselves!

The greens were just aerated, so we got a discount!

Really awesome carts with GPS!

I gave in and ordered a Pina Colada when we got back to the pool!
I took this picture -but truthfully, didn't end up reading a single page of it! :)

We walked down to Sunshine Grill for lunch.  Had some amazing fish tacos and a snapper sandwich.  They gave us little strawberry ice creams for dessert!

We met some people in the pool that afternoon, and floated/talked to them for like 3 hours, before going and sitting on these floaty chairs in the ocean and watching the sunset!

We went back and ate at Yoshi Sushi that night and sat at a neat short table on the floor!

Room service early Thursday morning for breakfast
We then went on an excursion to Sting Ray City at 8:30.   Chris got off and fed/touched the stingrays - and I stayed on the boat and took pictures!  They were super friendly and rubbing all over the people! 

Then we went to a coral and snorkeled! 

That afternoon, we walked to Camana Bay to go shopping and to lunch!  (A little over a mile)

Ate at an amazing restaurant called Abacus!  I loved their passion fruit margarita, mushroom soup (that tasted like lobster bisque), and red snapper entree!

I loved these Palm Trees!

That afternoon, we met back up with our friends at the pool!

Then watched the beautiful sunset again! 

Then went to an Italian restaurant for dinner - Edoardo's. 

Delicious seafood risotto with a lobster tail!

Friday morning, we laid by/in the pool all morning and got a lot of sun!  We decided to go back to Camana Bay for a late lunch again at Abacus, and then to the theater to watch Gone Girl! 

After our late lunch, we weren't hungry for dinner, and hadn't gone to Seven (fancy restaurant in our hotel) for dinner yet - so we went for dessert!

Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramel Candy Bar 
Shortbread Cookie, Cayman Sea Salt, 
Chocolate Cream, Manhattan Granite 

Saturday (our last morning) - We had coffee on the beach, then hung out by the pool until we had to go up to shower and pack.

Walked the beach and gathered shells for the girls! 
The softest sand!

And breakfast by the beach
Found our cat friend, George again!  He was drinking water from the pool, then came and sat on my pool chair with me! 

Probably our favorite beach vacation we've ever been on!  Will definitely be going back!  Felt completely safe there - and would definitely take the girls!  Liked that everyone spoke English/everything was written in English.  All the Caymanians were so nice.  Ice water tasted amazing - and didn't make us sick (like Mexico) and it was FREE (unlike in Europe)!  Was expensive though - especially at the Ritz.  Everything was priced in Cayman dollars - so the price was x 1.25 to get US$.  And they automatically added in 15% gratuity at the restaurants (which was fine because we usually tip 20%).  Loved that it was only like 4 miles to/from the airport.  A lot of nearby restaurants to choose from (instead of paying outrageous price to eat at the hotel).  The best sunsets.  Bluest, clearest ocean.   But lots of random lizards, iguanas, and chickens walking around. 

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