Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bentonville Library

I was looking for something special to do with Bryn yesterday morning while Hollyn was in school.  I checked the websites for the local libraries to see if they had a story time, but there wasn't one on Mondays.  :(

We had a Starbucks date instead.  Our original plan was to eat breakfast at Mimi's Cafe, but she screamed when we got in the parking lot.  She said she wanted "bucks."  I told her to pick whatever she wanted once we got inside, and she chose a bag of dried fruit - strawberries and blueberries.   She kicked back in a chair and ate her fruit while I had my coffee!   She wanted to go shopping afterwards - "I go shopping."   But it was still only like 8:45 and no stores were open yet.  

There was a story time on Tuesday morning though at the Bentonville Public Library!  We got dressed, ate breakfast and made our very first trip to a public library!  
(Hollyn visits the library at the church once a week!)

First, I got registered for my library card, then we checked the place out!  The girls chose a few books each that they wanted to check out.  Then, we sat in the Children's Read Aloud Area and did their Toddler Story time.  (Will probably do the Preschool Story time the next time we go!)
 The girls loved it and were very well behaved.  Bryn danced to the songs and Hollyn participated in finger play!  
 We then checked out the fish - and found Nemo :) 
 They colored a page...
 Looked at some books for Mommy... Then Hollyn helped me scan them to check out!   She talked me into buying them a bag, so we could keep up with our books!

 Such a fun first (but not last) time to the library! 

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