Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hollyn - First day of Ballet/Tap

Tuesday afternoon, Hollyn started her 4th year of dance at Cross Church!  This year, she has a new teacher, and is doing ballet AND tap! 

Tuesday morning - she drew a picture of her family :)
Girls being sweet, doing an app together! 
Tuesday afternoon - Hollyn was begging to go ahead and put her dance clothes on, like an hour early!   I made them take a picture first :)
 Quick photo shoot before leaving the house:

She had a great first day!  Bryn & I ran to the post office to mail out some of the clothes I've sold, from cleaning out their closets, while she was in class.  
After dance, I dropped Bryn off with Chris, so Hollyn & I could go visit my grandma.  She was transferred to a room at the Circle of Life Hospice home that afternoon.  She was getting to where she couldn't walk anymore, and my mom and uncle weren't able to get her out of bed anymore to use the restroom.  She has been on hospice care at her home, since July 17th (for the last 6 weeks), after her PET scan showed the cancer was still in two places in her brain, her lymph nodes, and pancreas.  The Oncologist estimated 2-6 weeks at that time. 
After, we met Chris & Bryn at the Venesian Inn for dinner.  B didn't get a nap that afternoon, so she fell asleep in the truck, and stayed asleep on Chris's shoulder our entire dinner! 

She had a York Peppermint Patty in my car on the way home.. and this is what she looked like when we got home! haha

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